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From Russia

“… We received an order to ban the use of the words “war,” “occupation,” “invasion.” However, we continue to call war war. We are waiting for the consequences.”

“Putin distrusts the West. He is sincerely flummoxed by talk about “Western values.” He buys wholesale former Chancellors, Prime Ministers, and ministers from Europe, putting them on the boards of state-owned or close-to-the-state Russian companies. They have a price, but they don’t have values: I’d say that this is what he thinks…”

“…Everyone had a clear understanding that Putin, by his decision, had destroyed the future for younger generations, that the country would become a pariah, that we in no way would support this war. Our office managers brought in body armor and helmets from the warehouse, which had been lying idle for several years…”

— Dmitry Muratov

(New Yorker, February 28, 2022, Article and Interview by David Remnick.)

War Praying

For those of us who pray, our list is increasing with each day that this Russian invasion against Ukraine continues. I’m sure many of us include the people of Russia who are trapped in a corrupt governmental system led by a tyrannical, of obviously ruthless, leader.

I’ve assumed, wrongly it seems, that all the media outlets in Russia are either state run or under the government’s thumb. In a recent New Yorker interview (see reference in quote block above) David Remnick interviews Dmitry Muratov, the editor-in-chief of the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, we learn of a courageous group of journalists who revive our hope for what journalism can be, and challenges our own comfort in our own liberty, once fought for and now taken for granted and so easily relinquished.

Novaya Gazeta recently won a Nobel Prize. Its staff continues to work knowing the potentially lethal danger of their efforts. They remember, probably daily, their colleagues who have already paid dearly for their courage and efforts; like writer Anna Politkovskaya who was shot dead in her apartment building in 2006. 

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